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The Chronicles of Riddickulous (updated)

Oh yes, something to make the Furion in us come alive. The Guardian, my paper of choice apart from The Independent, has the following leaders on its website. They make me think that Tony Bush and George Blair are nothing but a pair of wannabe NecroWarmongers. Where's Riddick when you need him to kick their asses into touch?
  1. Revealed - the rush to war!
  2. How Goldsmith's advice changed....
  3. The Law and War.
  4. Transcripts of Tony Bush's mates lying to Parliament.
  5. Goldsmith - salt of the earth..hmm.
  6. Difference of Opinion.
  7. Even cowboys needs friends.
There you have it. NecroWarMongers playing havoc on the population of other countries, converting them to their new found religion. We need a Furion of quality to sort em...Where's Riddick!

Book: Lawless World by Phillipe Sands QC



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