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Preparations for a Wedding

Today my family began the process of organising 'The Wedding'. Yep, I'm getting hitched in June, and we set-to on the identification of a Post-Registration Reception Party Hall, as well as caterers, decorations etc. Rather exciting don't you think? I do. After planning silly IT projects for years at work, its a refreshing change to bear down on something different. I'm wondering whether I need to set up a spreadsheet for the costs, what do you think? I've got M$ project too, now wouldn't that be hilarious? I can see it now:

"Yes Mr Caterer, here you see yourself down as an external dependency on our critical path. You need to ensure delivery of your foods, utensils and service personnel at the site at this time on this date, otherwise you cause a slip to the plan that results in a delay of 2 hours that accumulates at a rate of 1:2 for every subsequent hour of delay. So, I'd like a weekly report of your progress and hourly updates on the top of the hour on the day. Understood?"

Reckon that'll wash? I expect a firm slap round the ear and an exclamaition of something profoundly true like "Get a friggin life you moron!" Refreshing. :-)

I'm going to have to get myself a Digital VideoCamera though. My Fuji F610 Digital Camera is being put to warm-up use, and its fantastic. Now I need a dvc. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm thinking of the Sony DCR-TRV265E Digital Camcorder, its cheap, high on the amazon selling list, and a Sony. Wonder if its worth its salt?

I'm trying to avoid politics for at least January. My sister went to the local Police General meeting last week (she's active in the community in various groups) and piqued my interest again. But what I found largely was that small town communities are influenced heavily by commerce - money has and always will be the greatest motivator in life for a large population - and despite any logical argument, convincing facts that argue against proposed plans, huge lobbying by large parts of the resident population, the powers that be in the council still lean towards the business men and favour their plans. So I'm a tad dubious - how in a capitalist community can you balance the good of the people against the good of the economy, when its not entirely obvious (but still true) that they are at odds with eachother? So I'm going to pent up my fury and then unleash it on them in spring I think. Not that I can make a difference, but its good to fight for the Jedi side imho.



  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 5:29 am
    Good luck with the wedding plans. I remember going through that. I think it's enough of a battle without challenging the caterers, though. Do you really want to upset the people who will be cooking and preparing your food? The results could be pretty dodgy. *G*
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 1:17 pm
    Is the precise date fixed yet?

    The caterers at my brother's wedding brought out some gorgeous looking food for the evening do. Half an hour later, they removed it - almost none of it had been eaten because they gave us so little chance. Nobody knows why this was, and it had been paid for. The people who would have asked questions found out a little too late...

    It was a good day though, apart from a bomb going off in Manchester City Centre a few miles away. We heard it while we were putting the ribbons on the car.
  3. Blogger Damo says @ 1:21 pm
    Um. I've just realised that the above post could be misconstrued as a portent, and it isn't meant to be. That day was very much a one-off and for the most part excellent fun!
  4. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 9:45 am
    you should speak to Swiss Toni - he's already got the cake arranged for his wedding.

    from personal experience, you are jovial about the organisation of the wedding now, you wait until it gets to a few days before. You'll wonder why you *ever* bothered.
  5. Blogger SwissToni says @ 2:11 pm
    Lord B - stop mischief making.


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