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Being for the benefit of Mr Kite and Lord Sainsbury

I have been working in a Sainsbury's Store in posh London all week. Its been a fun adventure, and the reason I went there (technical of course) has a happy ending thus far. There were, however, periods of extreme boredom, that were alleviated largely by the Starbucks implant in the store, and the fact that I wasn't alone - except today that is, when I was there all on my lonesome.

In short, a good week.

Today is also a day of Kite Flying in India. known as Utran. One of the many bits and bobs that occurs today is the flying of lots of Kites and the eating of what I guess you could call 'Thick brownie sized Sesame Seed Snaps' which taste a lot more delicious than my conjurred terminology makes them sound. So of course, Mumsie made some and I was happy to eat some, yum :) [wonder if the icy lady adheres to these ceremonial thingymebobies, we shall see...]

Today is also Friday. So a massive WHOOOPEEE for us all :-D

During my tenure in Sainsbury's I discovered some nice foods (as well as losing my ability to type, write, or think coherently). One of these was a brand of nice Organic Teas - Clipper Teas they're called. White tea, the king of antioxidants, what more can a detoxer want? No idea, since I'm not one...heh.

The wedding preps are moving nicely. We've a venue for the Civil Registry Reception, that holds 220 persons. We've identified our 110 invites, and have asked Icy Lady to do likewise. We've also identified the smaller 25 persons who will attend the Civil Registry itself. I am wondering what I'm going to wear. Jeez, this is not like me at all. :-/

New stuff...well vodafone finally sent me my free phone upgrade, and I've gone all Siemens this half of the year - Siemens S65.
Prince Harry went a bit bezerk and Nazi on us. Stupid kid. And Bush admitted that there weren't any WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction Rape and Pillage and Immediate Devestation to the entire Free World - in case you didn't know what they were or looked like) in Iraq. So there you have it. The the Free world is based on lies and unilateral decisions made by the bulliest person around. Its not *quite* an Authoritarian system you see, since you do have the chance to vote them out, but then again, sometimes that just doesn't work....funny that :-(

Right, time to check my mails and chill out. Here comes the weekend!!!



  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 11:32 pm
    thanks for the wireless tips - I may well be taking you up on your offer of help....

    As for Harry - stupid boy, but doesn't the furore this has kicked off smack rather a lot of hypocrisy. I don't need the Daily Mail or The Sun invoking the dead of Auchwitz to tell me that Harry is an imbecile, thanks very much, I can see that with the evidence of my own eyes. Far, far worse than this silly upper class, privately educated little tit is the statement by Jean Marie Le Penne, buried inside the newspapers that have Harry on the front, if they carry the story at all, saying that the nazis were "humane".... oh yes, their mass killing techniques were all very efficient.


    That man gets 25% of the vote in France.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 10:25 pm
    Harry was an idiot... but I think two things:

    1) The majority of people trying to get an apology out of him are doing it for their own selfish 'we did that!' ends. What difference is there between a public and a private apology in this instance? He's clearly a buffoon either way. We should all ignore him. But having said that...

    2) The Duke of Edinburgh isn't getting any younger. We need someone to provide us with our royal-based entertainment!
  3. Blogger changeofhart says @ 1:51 pm
    ok, just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, was the whole nazi regime one of solely anti-jew machinations? I mean, I absolutely agree harry was a fool, and he and a lot of his family are an embarrassment at times, but he's a kid and doesnt think his actions through. Ok I'm not a royal, but some of the things I did at his age have ME wincing now, let alone a whole section to red-rag-tops. He is royal by birthright (rightly or wrongly) - doesnt make him immune from being an arse. Moan, and move on.
    Anyway, back to my WWII rant. I mean, the papers bringing up auschwitz.... surely thats only slightly relevant to the issue? Anyone would think that no british and european non jews were killed by the nazis. Shouldnt brits in general feel aggrieved at the use of nazi symbolism, rather than just one community who were persecuted? Nazi = anti jew, yes, I see that, but Nazi also = anti british, anti american, anti french, anti black/brown/yellow/pink with green spots, anti disabled...
    so anyway, it was insensitive, but if he dressed like cromwell would the irish have a right to be offended? millions were killed and died under starvation / ethnic cleansing under him after all...
    hmm interesting thought - how does one dress like oliver cromwell...?
    (so unlike me to take a conversation off to a weird tangent).
  4. Blogger SwissToni says @ 11:31 pm
    hallo mate - to completely change the subject, I need the benefit of your wisdom on Macs. Specifially the new 14" I-Book or the 15" Powerbook. I find myself drawn to the latter, but I'm not sure if I can justify the extra expense for a machine that will be primarily used for blogging, surfing, photos and possibly in the future home videos....

    whaddaya reckon, o wise one?

    I'm drawn to the illuminating keyboard and lush metallic exterior....

    but it's a big step up.


  5. Blogger IcyChick says @ 8:59 am
    Well let me tell you one thing - you are DEFINITELY NOT coming to the wedding dressed as Elrond from Lord of the Rings. There have said it in public so be warned!
  6. Blogger Crucifer says @ 10:11 am
    I'm particularly interested to hear of this Elven-themed wedding. Is it a full blown LOTR-theme (in which case bagsy I get the Uruk-Hai battle gear) or just Elven-like garments?

    We've toyed with the idea of having a Stargate-themed wedding but I doubt it would ever come to fruition...
  7. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 12:45 pm
    chai tea latte. has got me through many a stressful day.

    wear posh wedding gear. However traditional or daft you may think you look, your wedding photos will always be nice. If you go for something slightly odd, as groovy as it may be now it will look ridiculous in ten years time when you get the pictures out.
  8. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 8:31 pm
    ST - emailed you my views on the computer situation.

    Damo - Harry is a tit. full stop.

    Icy - But elves are cool, they have neat outfits.

    COH - Yes, Nazi's are bad. Swastikas, however, are not Nazis.

    Cruc - Stargate Themed Wedding! I'm gobsmacked.

    LB - Aye, tis a lovely drink.

    TNN - shut up and go to bed, you're knackered.

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