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Bad hair day?

This morning was fun. I had a bit of a mare getting things going right today, but its sorted now. I then found out its because its the worse day of the year, or somethink like that. Frankly I think its because I didn't get much sleep.

My blogging is rather sparse right now, am trying to get used to a new pace of life. Work has increased a little, in that I have 3 different projects on the go, and need to rethink how I go about my day-day activities. Am thinking of a split notebook with separators to help, and using Outlook task lists properly.

On top of that the wedding plans are coming along nicely. Sorting the Civil Registry Reception details. The attendance list is looking good thus far. The wedding day itself is down to the icy lady, but am compiling the attendance list and have begun the process of picking an invite card.

The house buying is stalled - the old todger rejected my 3rd offer. This means back to the hunt. Am going to have to widen the area search, since there aren't many properties on sale in the target area right now. Am getting concerned a little about this.

Am keen on ditching some of my stuff. Will find happy recipients of some books and the like amongst friends and family. I am not keen on taking so much of my junk with me to the new house. Want to ensure I don't hoarde continuously.

And finally. If you haven't seen Once Upon A Time In The West - see it. It is, imho, one of the finest films ever made. It is a cinematography gem, with ace soundtrack, fantastic scenery and a wonderful ambience. Sergio Leone is a GENIUS.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:15 am
    It sounds like your life is wonderfully busy. Planning a wedding is chaotic, but worth it in the end. I hope that you and your icy lady have the day of your dreams! :0)
  2. Blogger Jenni says @ 3:57 pm
    I read about the supposed worst day of the year, but I must hve gotten off pretty easy because I had a wonderful day yesterday. Plus, isn't it a bit early for the worst day of the year? We still have 11 months to go...

    Good luck with the wedding plans and the house hunt. It sounds like you at least have some happy days to look forward to!
  3. Blogger Damo says @ 12:52 am
    You need to get on eBay, once you've worked out what you're going to give to the family... if you want advice just ask! Not that you'll need it...

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