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Weirdos - please don't pick me!

Why oh why do all the weirdos on the Train insist on sitting next to me! Why me?

Take yesterday for example. I'm sat on a fairly empty train, there are about 60% of seats free. One person per two-seat aisle, and still lots of seats free. So what does this one guy do when he gets on the carriage? He looks at the seats, see's the empty ones, and instead of going to one of them, he spots the empty seat next to mine. Now yesterday was one of the rare days I had a copy of The Evening Standard to read, and I was happily spread out reading it. Then he sits down right smack next to me. These seats are narrow to begin with, and I end up having to fold my paper away for the whole journey. Oh, and then the lady infront of us gets off at Acton, does this guy move just one seat infront? Nooooo. He begins to do weird things like slap the seat in front. Oh yes, he starts to freak me out loads.

As I stand to get off at my station, he asks the usual 'Is this...?' and before I could help myself I blurt out very quickly 'yes' and rush to the doors. There is NO WAY I'm going to have him walk through the streets with me.

Just one of the many weirdos that seem to pick me to sit next to. I really wish I was rude and annoying enough to tell them to shove it, instead I suffer. Bah.

But it does highlight the high level of mentally disturbed persons wandering our streets these days. I'm sure its increasing.


  1. Blogger Bee says @ 4:16 pm
    I can sympathise. I don't usually get weirdos sitting next to me on public transport, but if I'm sitting somewhere on my own or standing around waiting for a bus or to meet someone I do tend to get mad old women coming up to me and practically telling me the story of their life. *Always* mad old women.

    Although, for a bit of variety, I was once approached in a pub by a mad old bloke who said, "That's the wrong stance!", struck a pose, cackled madly, and walked away again.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 4:21 pm
    I used to be a nutjob magnet, but I've lost my touch in my old age.
  3. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:30 pm
    Aw Birdie, you make them feel safe! Now what you should do is look them in the eye when they step on the train, drool a little and lick your lips and wave the knife and fork you have carried with you for just this purpose. If they then choose to sit next to you, at least you have something to defend yourself with! *G*
  4. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:54 am
    mad people on trains, mad people at every desk you have worked at - you are a mungie-magnet mait, no mistake.
    The nutjob is usually me to be fair. Especially is you are a pretty girlie with a nice face. Alas, I am that odd looking bloke not-so-subtely looking at you thinking how great you look. Not in a 'I'd like to...' kind of way, just in a 'oh I wish I had the nuts to go up to you and tell you how great you look, walk away, feel 10ft high without making you feel violated'.
    ho hum.
  5. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 2:49 pm
    You sat next to me you know...nutter. Told you, point proven.

    Oh, and leave those women alone! Mind you, rather you drool at them then at me. Better still, just don't drool at anyone!

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