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Firstly, a HUGE word of thanks to all the well wishes I received. Am chuffed beyond belief that humanity still exists in the hussle and bussle of modern life. May the force be with you all.

If, like me, its not, a word of advice (much aligned to Lord Bargains). I found that Beechams is far far far superior to Lemsip, and that Night Nurse is the manna from heaven for night time relief.

To cheer me up, Amazon have started Renting DVDs and giving discounts to users. Nice.

Its Friday, its not yet 7.30, but its definitely Top Of The Pops!


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 3:09 pm
    >Its Friday, its not yet 7.30, but its definitely Top Of The Pops!

    Not for much longer it isn't. Another institution about to die, but it was about time (there's some misplaced nostalgia with that show, there really is). Off to the (dusty) bin together with Friday, five to five... CRACKERJACK!

    (OK, Top Of The Pops hasn't died completely yet, it's just moving to Sunday. But give it time)

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