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Its time we took a position on ID Cards I think.

I am against - see this: No2ID

  1. ID Cards reduce crime. Keep the same level of policing, the same level of inept IT competence in the policing system and provide them with a huge database of every single human in the UK to maintain and SECURE! Not on your nelly...
  2. ID Cards Reduce Terrorism. Yes, I can see ETA, IRA and Islamic Terrorists being totally and utterly put off from any attacks due to the ID Card. That piece of plastic with all of our DNA and Fingerprint information, as well as our demographic and probably political and sexual persuasions on there, is a bloody great big deterrent. I just don't see the need for semtex or concrete barriers around Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street after the introduction of ID Cards. No sir.
  3. ID Cards are wanted by the population. Well, heres a question: "If you received a letter from the government ordering you to go to your Local Police station and give your fingerprints so that they can be checked against all past, present and future crimes, would you do it?" The ID Card database will be used by the police to find suspects against DNA and Fingerprint evidence found at scenes of crimes. Sounds good until you realise that we are all automatically suspects.
  4. ID Card database is secure. It will be Outsourced to an IT Supplier much like the NHS deal. My own company could bid for it and win it. I do not trust that this is the best way. The only IT people I'd trust with this are those at GCHQ. They know about security. Forget the big IT Systems integrators or Civil departments. If thats the route, then the database might as well be put online and searchable by google.

There you go. I'm rather upset at the new Home Secretary. He wants a Nazi state. Forget that - Go on you Liberal Democrats - get your policy out there NOW and I'll sign up to vote for ya if its anti-authoritarian-dictatorship-regime.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 5:55 am
    I've just read over at Urban Fox's that the ID card passed tonight. So sorry!

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