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The Last Post of 2004

Since this is my last post of 2004, I thought I'd join in the fun of compiling a Top 20 list. The problem is, I have such eclectic taste that I can't honestly say there are 20 of a similar item (be it Singles, Albums, Films, Books) that could be put together coherently.

So what follows is a Top 20 (alas in no particular order) of things that have tickled my fancy, had me enraptured, made me smile, and had me reaching for my wallet.

1) Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King - an amazing film, suited to finishing off a fantastic trilogy.
2) Kill Bill 2 - this 2 part series was highly enjoyable to say the least.
3) The Bourne Supremacy - mindless action of the highest class, just love that indestructible Russian Taxi.
4) The Thin Man - I'm a detective fan, and this is from an old B&W film series that is a pleasure to watch.
5) Graphology - I always try to teach myself something new, and this year it was Graphology, you'll never look at a person's scribbles the same again.
6) The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ - this book had me pinching my lip in deep thought; there is a C4 documentary following a similar thread this xmas.
7) The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade - told you I like detectives.
8) Valentines Day in Cambridge.
9) The Chronicles of Riddick - another great mindless action flick, not as classy as Pitch Black, but good.
10) Siemens M65 - a really good rough and ready mobile phone.
11) Getting Engaged - to a lovely lovely lady.
12) The Lost Gardens of Heligan - you have to visit this place if you are in Cornwall.
13) The Eden Project - another great place in Cornwall.
14) Parker Frontier - just up from the Jotter range, this is a nice chubby set of stainless steel pens that I started using at work, makes a change from my tiny Lamy pens.
15) Waterman Hemisphere - earlier this year I went from a Sheaffer to a Waterman foutnain pen for writing cards (only time I use a FP), its not as good as my Shaeffers, but a tad better than my Parkers - but not as fancy as Swiss Toni's Mont Blanc!
16) Songs About Jane by Maroon 5 - very funky music.
17) Musicology by Prince - at last the man is back to his best, Thank God!
18) Dumb by The 411 - a very catchy fantastic pop tune
19) Toxic by Britney - very catchy too!
20) The Mousetrap - went to see the world's longest running play (my first since I was a kid) in London, it was fantastic!

There you have it, 20 bits and bobs. I'm now off to a Cottage in Kent for my Xmas Vacation and to get a year older in peace.

I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Blogger Bee says @ 2:21 pm
    I look forward to the C4 documentary along the lines of "The Templar Revelation". I did find it a very interesting book (when I read it after your recommendation!) - although it does make me smile that so many people have so many the-same-only-slightly-different theories about the whole Jesus/Priory of Sion/Knights Templar thing. I think I might start circulating a few of my own. Um ... Jesus was an alien! The Knights Templar were an early feminist-Marxist organisation! The Bible was written by Robbie Williams!

    Have a nice time in Kent with your lovely lady (to whom I send my regards), and have a splendid birthday too. See you in CE 2005!
  2. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 4:18 pm
    excellent collection.

    whilst the Mousetrap is excellent, the theatre where it is staged is the most uncomfortable place in the entire world. I'd have been more comfortable watching it sitting on top of a large cactus (although being 6'6" doesnt actually help much in a tiny London theatre).

    have a great Christmas!
  3. Blogger SwissToni says @ 4:57 pm
    "Toxic" is great. How does the song go again?

    I'd also recommend Heligan - but just don't buy the book. Tim Smit can't write for toffee....

    Have a good Christmas mate and here's to a happy and fulfilling 2005 for you and yours.


    (I'm afraid you'll just have to imagine me signing this with my FP - I'll have to send you a sample so you can analyse me!)
  4. Blogger Aravis says @ 9:34 pm
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes for your birthday as well!
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 8:51 am
    So the Prince album grew on you after all?

    Oh, I've just realised. If you're away until the New Year, you won't get your birthday present on time! (December 31, for anyone wanting to treat the man) Damn. I think I'll call you later and investigate the possibility of using an alternative address...
  6. Blogger the urban fox says @ 1:25 pm
    Happy 2005!

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