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Health Tip

I am forever debating when one should have breakfast - before exercise, after excercise - and what it should be - weetabix, shreddies, toast, etc. The following is another tip i picked up. Give it a go.

Mom may have taught you to eat 3 square meals, but new research suggests that people who eat 6 smaller meals a day are healthier, and have an easier time maintaining their weight and cholesterol levels. By avoiding larger meals in favor of more frequent smaller ones, your body becomes more conducive to metabolizing food. It just takes a little planning; it could be as simple as dividing your lunch. If you'd normally eat a sandwich, with pretzels and fruit, eat the sandwich at lunchtime, then save the pretzels and fruit for later in the afternoon.

PS Am still ill, back in bed with bad flu, and i think a flu plus chest infection. Going to see GP tomorrow.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 8:56 pm
    Take care of yourself, and do as the doctor orders!

    Was that sufficiently matronly? I had the flu very badly back in January and could barely move for ten days. It was almost a year ago and I still remember it. *shudder* You have my deepest sympathies. :0(
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 10:05 pm
    Having felt 'a little ropey' for some time, but not to the extent that it has stopped me getting on with things, I'm dreading the thought of getting something proper nasty. It seems like once people get something at the minute, they're stuck with it for absolutely ages.

    Get well soon Sir.
  3. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 8:52 am
    I am sure that these illnesses have got, well, nastier since I was younger.

    I have had a horrible cold/flu thing for over a fortnight and every time I think I have got rid of it, it comes back. Having tried every cure imaginable I can recommend (i) good old fashioned paracetamol and (ii) a bloody great gobful of Night Nurse as you're going to bed.

    hope you feel better soon
  4. Blogger Bee says @ 9:07 am
    Lemon, honey and hot water in a big mug is very comforting. Especially if you add a glug or two of rum.

    Rum is good for colds. Well, I mean, have you ever seen a pirate with a cold? No. I rest my case.
  5. Blogger the urban fox says @ 12:56 pm
    Sounds horrible. Chest infection = no fun. Hope doc gives you some antibiotics to zap it to oblivion. Get well soon.

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