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The Future of Instant Messaging on a PC

My friends will tell you I am a fan of convergence. Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes it makes entire sense to have things merged together to make an even better offering. This applies to everything. From views of life and society (such as in one of my fave books Consilience - despite its leanings away from my preference to punctuated equilibrium) to Instant Messaging.

I have two favourite IM products. One for the PC and one for the MAC. The MAC one is called Adium X, and it ROCKS.

The one for the PC is called Trillian and it just got BETTER!!!

I am a paid subscriber/supporter of Trillian Pro 2 - the advanced version of Trillian. Today I learnt that Trillian v3 is in the works. I had a look at it, and am very excited. It looks fab. I highly urge you all to grab a copy as soon as it is available, and for those of you who dabble a bit in Internet ordering, please buy a lifetime license of the Pro product. You really won't regret it.

Adium X is only available free on the Mac, and much more fun than iChat (imho).


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