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And so it begins

I put in my first serious offer on a House this morning. I am somewhat worried, a bit butterflies in the stomachy, and concerned that maybe I'm buying at the wrong time. But with things moving so fast next year, I figured its best to get it started now. Luckily there are two houses that have taken fancy, so should one fall through I've a replacement target.

Work has been annoying, thats the best word for it. I work in a Partnership that has evolved to a Plc, and its taking time for the old Partnership mentality to be replaced with a meritable system. At the moment we've come out of a recent appraisal (laddering) period, and it was very amusing watching my colleagues play little political games to curry favours with the senior staff. (I will freely admit that for a moment I had to look up whether I was wrong to use the word curry with favours, was sure it was right, but it just felt odd, guess I've been out to too many curry houses - urm I have a curry every night too, that must be it). Anyway, back to the rant, work is getting on my tits is the short version. I am a Techie bloke, they call us Architects, and we are supposed to be well versed in how to put systems together. Instead, I am being shown that this does not strictly hold true with my colleagues. They make amazing bloops, and then waffle their way out of the situation. Its disappointing, thats probably the right word, to see people do that. I guess I am proud to say I'm a bit of a geek - I value my contribution in technical systems and put as much passion into making them work well as a painter would in a passionate piece of art. I don't see it as a vehicle for my career, I see it as an operation that has to complete successfully. I am disappointed that I work in a place where 80% of the people don't share my passion or view. Ho Hum.

Onto Xmas. I'm off to a Cottage this Xmas with the lady. Its a 5* cottage, primarily because we've never been to one, and I am somewhat spoilt in that every hotel I've been to on my worldly travels has been fantastic. Kent should be lovely in the winter - I hope.


  1. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 9:24 am
    I work in the industry - it's not a terrible time to buy.

    and it's your home. you're buying it becuase you want to live there - it surely shouldnt matter whether it makes you any money or not as long as you're going to be happy living there?

    that's my standard advice, for what its worth.

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