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A week of revelation.

This week has been very useful for me. I work in a company that is notorious for churning out Androids. I always felt that I wasn't one, nor would I ever be one. I had a sliver of hope that things wouldn't be as bad as they were portrayed. The problem is that the company is a self-perpetuating characteristic filtration machine. This means, that the process of filtration of employees is designed in such a way, that the characteristics of the upper levels is replicated in the ones below it. All non-conformists are filtered out in a variety of schemes. So what you are left with, is a group of people who all see life through the same colored, styled and type filtered glasses. Only the same types as the viewer are recognised.

This is quite interesting, as its very much like Xenophobia really isn't it? I can't blame them for utilising a primitive instinct to like and trust that which is inherently like oneself.

So you see, though I don't agree, I can see why its like that. Painful situation wouldn't you say?


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 2:10 pm
    The sad thing in life is that if everyone worked on an equal level of trust, we wouldn't have problems like this. But the minority spoil it for the majority. The reasons it doesn't FEEL like the minority are as follows:

    1) If you've got an office of 50 people with 1 idiot, it's the one idiot you'll notice more than the 49 who make your life better.
    2) Unfortunately, the proportion seems higher in an office because many people adopt the same tactics for the purpose of self-preservation. But I bet the actual root can be traced back to a minority of individuals.

    Thoughts like this (i.e. that what sometimes seems like inherent badness is ultimately only down to a tiny minority) are what keep me sane.
  2. Blogger the urban fox says @ 1:17 pm
    "Self-perpetuating characteristic filtration machine" - that is the most precise description of the corporate structure I've ever heard. I mean read.

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