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Today is Children In Need Day...

One of my resolutions is to donate more to Charities this year than last year. I have therefore donated more to Children In Need this year than last, and will add a couple of new bits and bobs to the portfolio.

If you have spare change in your pocket today, and you spot a yellow Teddy walking around with a Bucket (in the UK that is), you will do yourself no harm whatsoever by giving how ever much you want. Even a 5p piece, as tiny as they are, goes towards helping children who need it.

Oh, and to remind yourself that being good pays, treat yourself to a Friday Crunchie, and whatever coinage you have left, donate that too (if you like).


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 10:49 am
    I was supposed to be doing some swimming and getting paid for it, but our pool got due to some insurance cock-up. They've now fixed that and it's open again so I can go at lunchtime, but the sponsored swim is now on Monday. Splish splash!

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