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Technology is a wonderful thing indeed..

I work with technology, infact I am largely responsible for designing and implementing some pretty big systems in various companies around the world. This means I work with people who are gleefully called Nerds or Geeks by people who don't really understand technology or know how to work it. That's the theory anyway. The thing is, where I currently work, I am not actually surrounded by Nerds or Geeks. I miss them now. You know where you stand with people who care about technology and not about self-promotion or deceit. You know that you'll be able to have wonderful discussions about itsy bitsy bits, bytes and bobs, and in most cases discuss complex problems and arrive at wonderfully simple and clean solutions. I don't get that where I currently work. I get hot air. We must have won the contract to inflate the Hindenburg. So if you have a Nerd or Geek at your place or work, please take note - I'd appreciate it if you could place them above egotistical, deceitful, political maniacs. Who is above them in your personal values system is up to you of course, but all I ask is that you pop them off the bottom. You can be sure that they won't sell you down the river. They may ignore you if you are drowning in one though - the secret is to shout something like "please save me and my nanotechnology library in my pocket" - this will catch their attention and bring about that rescue you so require.

Anyway, this post is about some good technology books. Two infact.

Secure Coding: Principles and Practices gives good guidance on systems security.

Building Storage Systems gives guidance on the field of Storage Networks.

I recommend both. Pass it onto a Geek...


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