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The planets are lining up..

we're bringing brighter days...

A lazy wet Sunday afternoon, spoilt by the fact that at 3am the Burglar Alarm of one of the houses down my road (rented out to newly arrived Somalians no less) went off. Have you ever heard how loud a Burglar Alarm can be in the dead of the night? The sound carries, and penetrates every living thing. I woke up in a start, my heart pumping, thinking (1) its our house alarm, no its not (b) its next door's (an olde couple), no its not, (c) pants its theirs. Why pants? Well its gone off before, during the day, and the poor sods have no idea whatsoever how to disarm it. So they let it ring for about 20/30 minutes until it disarms itself. And true to form, last night it went on until 3.30am. Fantastic.

Anyways, my amazon goodies have shipped. I have been a good boy of late, and haven't wasted my money on DVDs, but I have kinda upped my book quota somewhat. Below are items wot i've purchased that you, the discerning reader, may find interesting.



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