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Nearly December...

It's nearly December, the month within which I get one year older. Its also the time I treat myself to a bit of extravagance. Last year I got myself The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection on DVD. It took me a full 9 months before I had watched the final disc. A wonderful 9 months of sitting in awe at the accurate recreations of the stories. This year, I am going to splash out on a slightly more adept Digital Camera. I currently use a Konica KD-20M that I got from Argos a while back. Its a very cheap 2Mpx camera that does ok on outside pics, but not so good on inside pics. So I was going to go with the Panasonic DMC-FZ3 despite its 3Mpx capability - it has 10x optical zoom and a smashing lens. But now, after talking to my pals in the know, I'm considering the Fuji FinePix F610 Zoom - at a whopping 6Mpx in a compact size. It has amazing reviews, and I think it will suit IcyChick and me to a T. We are not photography experts by any means.

In terms of what's keeping me occupied, well the usual career situation is concerning - where do I belong, where should I be, what do I really want etc. are all questions that I am trying to answer. The good news is that next year is a good year. That's a very good thing indeed.

Nearly time for Xmas. Bring it on!


  1. Blogger the urban fox says @ 1:15 pm
    Happy birthday to you. Does this mean you'll soon be posting lots of arty photos?
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 2:12 pm
    Not until New Years Eve yet chap!

    As for photos, depends on when I get the camera. If I get it prior to departing to Kent for the Xmas break, I will have some pics of the countryside to put up on the blog. Most likely, what with the money situation getting tighter, I will be tempted to wait for January Sales.

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