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Money Money Money...

...always Sunny, in a Rich Man's World...

Of late I have begun to question the absolute need to make Millions or even Billions of Pounds of Profit, when that Profit is just pocketed and never put to good use. I find it a tad annoying to hear of hungry children around the World on one side, and then about BP's Million pound per hour profit on the other. I can only think that there is something wrong. For starters, if consumer based companies like Tesco/BP are making millions in profit, it can only mean one thing: They are selling you something that they have procurred for MUCH LESS than what they charged you for. What's it feel like to be conned?

Still, not to be one to vouch for Communism, which also has its own problems, I can only hope for a more consumer aware society, where we are astutely aware of what is going on under the covers. In this vein, I am keen to go see a film called The Corporation, which seems to be generating some rather interesting reviews. I am hoping that the Mrs doesn't mind me dragging her to see another Docufilm (after F911 and SuperSize Me). The Website suggests that you should go see it with a group of people, but I've realised, I seem to be the only one of my London based friends who digs this sort of "Liberal" attitude - like you know, I worship Satan and eat Babies and stuff, interspersed with harbouring liberal views like Gay people are just people really, and that Religion is a personal thing that should be separated from the State.

Oh dear, did I just say that? Naughty me...


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:44 am
    Hey, no fair.
    You know that I share your view. I may be more capitalist than you in outlook, but I share your so called liberal views on a lot of things.

    I just dont like you enough to go to the cinema with you...
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 12:54 pm
    Denial...its the first sign you know.

    Face it lad, you can't have me. I'm taken and I bat for England.
  3. Blogger changeofhart says @ 1:07 pm
    england AND india from what I hear
  4. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 1:22 pm
    Ok that may mean wearing a Sari but thats as FAR as it goes. Paris is OUT OF BOUNDS! Sorry.
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 5:01 pm
    This exchange of comments amuses me. Carry on, you two.
  6. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 10:43 am
    I fear that Tony may send me a boiled bunny rabbit. He just doesn't like rejection that man.

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