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Make Love Not Spam

Lycos have a splendid idea. Its a Screensaver that Fights Spam. I just downloaded it and its a fantabulous invention. Basically it overloads the sites that spam emails are linked to, to take them down in what is effectively a Denial of Service attack. Therefore, the spam companies have to pay to fix it. Hence their costs go up and then some go out of business.

So what does this cost you? Nothing if you have DSL/ADSL/no limit surfing. It just emulates http hits on those sites again and again and again, giving a lovely run down of loadfactors.

The only problem I saw, is that if like me you are behind some paranoid firewall surfcontrol mechanism, every hit is a 'Access Denied' block message, so your contribution is nil and you'll get an evil email about accessing barred sites. Oh, if only they knew it was for a good cause.

I'll download it for home for sure, without a doubt.


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 11:56 am
    Funnily enough, what I thought would happen has happened.


    I wish I'd said it before because nobody will believe me now!
  2. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 1:09 pm
    I did quote - 'and take them down in what is effectively a denial of service attack'.

    But I love it, fire with fire.

    Sod em, they spam....

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