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Lazy Sunday of Contemplation

Its not often that I get a chance to contemplate my navel, but today has given me ample opportunity to do just that. It was all sparked by my picking up a book I had just ordered. I used to read lots of things like that, but then grew out of it. Of late I've been looking to improve my understanding further of Oriental thought, and the book certainly has me doing that. I also had an opportunity to see how certain people are so engrossed in material position, this also had me thinking about human behaviour in the modern age. Being somewhat cereberal I believe that that which is alien to you, is either odd or threatening, and how you act on the unknown shows a little about who you are. In this case I am glad to say its just odd behaviour to me, I've not really been motivated to say I've met famous people, nor do I try to base my position in life upon whom I know or where I work. I would like to think that my life is more than my desk job and the people I work with. Maybe I'm dellusional?

Anyways, I have tried to watch The Big Blue again, but gave up once more. Its a lovely movie to fall asleep to, but like Bladerunner (another one of my fall asleep jobbies) I just can't get into it. Maybe if I just cut to the chase and watch The Blue Planet, BBC's documentary on life underwater, I'd be better off?


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