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Fools to the left of me, Jokers to the right...

...here I am stuck in the middle with you!

Another week begins, yada yada yada. Found out that O2 have decided to Port my mobile number into nothingness (Baffoons) so I'm without mobile for a couple of days. Guess thats OK. Just makes me wonder how silly people can be when they don't care about the outcome.

Speaking of outcomes, I am going to go out on a limb and declare George W Bush the returning incumbent incompetent imbercile president of the United States of Amoronica. I was amused to read that only Blair actually wants him to win. Guess its so that they can go to Bible school together, and pray that they made the right decisions. Its easy to do that, coz then only God can punish you, not the legal system.

Wonder if there's a website we can use to impeach Tony Bush for being a liar?

Just downloaded iTunes for the PC - dear oh dear. Here goes my self-discipline and here comes loads of dodgy mp3s for 79 pence!


  1. Blogger Amanda says @ 12:14 pm
    well im voting for Kerry and I think hes going to win... we can hope so anyhow
  2. Blogger SwissToni says @ 12:53 pm
    Itunes --- hahahahah! what can I say?

    Kerry --- I voted for him too. Twice. In swing states. D'you think they'll notice that I'm not American?
  3. Blogger Damo says @ 3:09 pm
    The amount of voter intimidation going on is scary. Irrespective of your views on Michael Moore, check his website (www.michaelmoore.com) where he's collating independent reports of some of the things that have been happening...
  4. Blogger Damo says @ 6:03 pm
    Confused though. Why would Blair (an apparently 'centre-left' politician) want to support a right-wing president? Does not compute. Much as I think Blair has let us down, I also think he MUST be subject to some external pressures of which we all know nothing. It just doesn't make sense otherwise...
  5. Blogger Bee says @ 8:54 am
    Men in suits? Darkened room? Footage of the Kennedy assassination that's never been seen before and looks suspiciously like it was filmed from the grassy knoll? BILL HICKS WAS RIGHT!

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