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Dream another dream...

...this dream is over.

I had another weird dream last night. Yet another dream about Exams. This time, oddly enough I was on the football pitch with colleagues and they were talking about their revision, and how they had been revising for months. I then felt sick as I hadn't revised at all. Haven't got a clue what exams, and the odd thing - why would I revise if I already had a job and finished exams? What a joke.

Its a continuing theme, me not revising for exams and then suddenly fearing the impending examinations. Ho hum, the stark reality is that I no longer have exams, I have finished my studious period. Now I just laze around, get paid, and read novels. I'm lovin it...

Tonight I start on my Tai Chi. The Mountain River Tai Chi school awaits The Num Num, who will come out as Master Num, possessor of the deadly slow moving fist technique. Dojo!


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