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Yes I heard you found a new plaything...

...right now it seems you need a friend.

In the days of my Windows XP Laptop (yes I'm afraid I was one of them) I used and supported (via payment) a most wonderful Multi-Protocol Chat Client called Trillian Pro. When I moved to the most wonderful iBook, I missed Trillian so. I have accounts on Yahoo! | MSN | AIM | ICQ and now mac.com, and I really needed a consolidating client for Mac OSX.

I was very glad that I found something called FIRE. It seemed to be the ideal client. And it is, trust me, its great. But today, I stumbled upon Adium X. Woohoo! Its wonderful. Rather like it to be truthful. Seems fancy, configurable, and its GNU (to its credit FIRE is Sourceforge too). I've now got both on my iBook - will use Adium and resort to Fire should circumstances dictate.

For you mac addicts, I recommend them wholeheartedly. And now, as Tina says, I need a friend to chat to using them! hahaha.



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