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Well we all Shine On...

...Like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun.

Went to a Linux Expo today. What a waste of time. Sat through a HP presentation on Clustering. Then they had a Q&A with prizes. Now, I'm rather shy, but I knew every answer, and the presenter saw that. So I personally won the Baseball Hat (quite nice), and then I answered the other questions and proeceded to give away the prizes to the other members of the audience. One chap got a shite book, another got a shite pen, and the girl who sat next to me, well I gave her the fluffy Linux Penguin toy. I did consider getting it for my sister's kids, but its got "Linux HP" on it ffs - now what kind of personality will they grow up to have if they have fluffy penguins with geek speak logos on them? So I did the gent thing and gave her the penguin - needless to say the others there were shocked and she was highly suspicious of my motives (but the fact that I walked away at the end without a word or gesture to anyone kinda made it clear I didn't want anything). Guess people really want dodgy free things from events. Speaking of which, I got this neat little D-clip with a led bulb in it from Intel....

Off to watch a film with the lady tonight. Not sure what, but I am kinda thinking SAW would be OK - though last time I took her to see Gothika I ended up having the skin ripped off my arm. Baffled me completely, but I guess horror tolerances run low in her veins.
Alternatively could go see Cellular which seems like a duff film, but it could be OK, and at least I'll have my arm in one piece.

Other events : sent some emails to work last night. One giving my thoughts on how a problem should be approached, Another giving my profuse apologies for my questioning behaviour and bowing to everyone's superiority, and A last one suggesting we go for a quick win and solve one problem with a 'latch-pin' solution for now. I wonder which one of those will have the greatest impact on my colleagues? Intriguing.

That'a all folks. Exits are located towards the rear and at the sides. Take care on your journey home.


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