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monday, i could wait till...

tuesday, wednesday would be fine...

Its blooming cold this morning. Guess winter is approaching. Doi, it is! That explains it then.

Went for a run yesterday. Didnt manage as well as i had hoped. The run log is kept up to date with my attempts at achieving 7 minute miles. Watched midsummer murders last night. Rather odd this time.

The guardian has an interesting article on Global Warming.
Tis all.


  1. Blogger Bee says @ 3:30 pm
    In our house we have a special name for DCI Barnaby in Midsomer Murders, due to my dad's repetitive cry of, "Look at his silly trousers!" during one particular episode. We now call him Detective Chief Inspector Trousers, or sometimes Trousers of the Yard.

    Well, it amuses us, at any rate.

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