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Make the best of whats given you...

...everything will come in time.

The weekend has been busy, and its been filled with moments of happiness and despair. I had a great time watching Man On Fire a middle of the road movie with Denzel Washington. It was involving, and a pleasant departure from the usual American droll pushed down our throats by the Mega-Billion pound Movie Studios. Don't read too much into the reviews, they seem to enjoy odd patriotic films of late - wonder why!

Saw yet another episode of Columbo, though this one was just good, and not great. No Midsomer Murders tonight, so will most likely try to get an early night.

Have a busy week ahead of me. There is much to be done, and no doubt I will have to battle a lot of office politics in order to complete the work in hand. I really do wish things were easier sometimes, or possibly if I had a repetitive job that didn't demand any thinking now and then, so that I can let the mechanical aspects of the body take over, leaving the mind to chill and relax.

I have ordered some books from Amazon, hopefully they are as good as I think they will be:
And now, I think I will have a nice nap.


  1. Blogger Bee says @ 9:06 am
    I am not at all surprised to see Amazon advising people interested in buying "The Templar Revelation" that they may also be interested in "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail". There seems to be an awful lot of this stuff about at the moment - the Da Vinci Code and all the rest of it ... Templars and Cathars and the Merovingian Kings and Berenger Sauniere and all that. Very peculiar stuff.

    Hope you enjoyed your nap. Naps can be very pleasant.
  2. Blogger Bee says @ 9:09 am
    Oh yes, and I rather enjoyed "Man On Fire" as well.

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