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Its so cold up north...

...that a bird can hardly fly.

Brrr, its cold outside when I open the door - minneapolis!

Today I have been told I have Peroneal Tendonitis. This is not good news, as its bloody goddamn painful. I mean, its almost as painful as when my ligaments went bezerk (in each foot I hasten to add!) I was given yet another lecture in proper warm ups, and the need to warm up before a run - especially when I mentioned the last time I ran was the half-marathon itself many moons ago! Anyways, I'm to rest it and to avoid straining it again. Its linked to calf-muscle tightness apparently, which now begins to make sense since mine are damn tight. Here's a great picture of the culprit tendons.

Also, got told my Dad is bordering on insulin Diabetes, and that his Cholestorol levels are a tad imbalanced (not enough goody two shoes type). So I went and got a tub of Benecol for him. My family insists on eating biscuits and crisps and ice-cream. Guess it was staring them in the face really wasn't it?

I've had a look at a thing called Skype, and am intrigued by it. Feel free to look at it, and if you download and decide to partake, you can add me to your contacts and we can chit chat and hark-even-talk! I will let you work out what my username is, but its closely related to the blog name and my chosen internet nome-de-keyboard - a la The Party! ;-)

Well, despite this I'm trying to avoid getting angry at what goes on at work. Heck, I've even got love for Canada!



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