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I Drove All Night...

..to get to you, is that all right?

I realised this evening that driving at 90mph down the M40 without any overhead lights, is a skill. Its a skill that I once had and am now very rusty at. With only the car lights around me, it was very disorientating - white headlamps coming at me on the right side at around 180mph, me whizzing past red tail lights on my left at around 30mph, and yellow cats eyes whizzing past me at 90mph as my only guide - very disorientating.

However, I made it from Barnwood to Southall in a record 90mins, despite being held back behind some awful single country lane drivers (i.e. those who just don't have the whim to overtake, nor leave room ahead of them between cars to let others overtake them!)

I am also entirely convinced after todays antics at work, that I am in the wrong job. I seem to live on another planet compared to my colleagues. I quite like mine, its called earth, and its where humans who make mistakes, and work together in equality (sometimes) live.

Tomorrow I head off to LinuxExpo04 - will see what life is like on the Dark Side - sorry thats Micro$oft init.



  1. Blogger Soaring says @ 11:33 am
    The little stretch of road just coming up to Junciton 10 of the M4 and a bit of A329M into and East Reading is a little like that too. 90mph and high traffic who are scaredy cats and cruise at silly speeds in their own lanes.

    The other day, I was stuck in the fast lane behind a Green Land Rover with hay sticking out of the back who was going 70mph in the fast lane. When I finally managed to squeeze out from behind him (albeit into the middle lane) I discovered three vast lanes of traffic were completely empty for about a quarter of a mile in front of him, and I had been STUCK!!!! URRRGG.

    Why don't people learn how to drive properly? If you're not prepared to go 90 in the fast lane, don't even think about getting into it!!! And how about those lovelies who cruise in the slow lane and don't even notice that they've come to a slip road? MOVE OVER OR YOU"LL CAUSE AN ACCIDENT!!! Who teaches these people to drive???

    Sorry, that was a rather unexpected rant!

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