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Because a vision softly creeping...

...left its seeds while I was sleeping.

Today was a mixed day. I found out that my potential projects have wound back to nothingness, and I'm going to be left twiddling thumbs agian. I also found out, that Sickly Sweet is finally leaving. This is good news for us both. He'll move on to bigger and better things, and I'll be rid of him. I love these win-win situations.

Got my books (ordered as below). Am going to start on the Templar one tonight...just coz I can.

Right now I can hear Rod Stewart's "Do you think I'm Sexy". Very catchy tune indeed.

My Maroon5 CD also arrived. Lovely.

Have started using Mozilla Thunderbird. Its fantastic, highly recommended. It has the best Junk Mail Filters I've ever seen.



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