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Super Size My Ass

I finally got to see Super Size Me last night - the poor lady endured yet another documentary film with me (though this time I think she enjoyed the film in question).

In typical fashion, I ate a Burger King whilst overlooking the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square. I then sat through a mind reeling and eye opening documentary about a relatively healthy and fit guy turn fat and mushy in one month of eating McDonalds.

The following were the most startling points:
  • The Sheer Size of the portions on offer, not to mention the huuuge Super Size portions.
  • The fact that school kids get fed junk in the pretence that its good stuff (Lucozade is good for ya - apparently)
  • That you can add so much weight in one month, but take 5 months to get it off you.
  • That there are more calories in the McD Salad than a McBurger. Astounding!

I was in shock - the super size portion of coke was almost 2x my daily fluid intake in total - my recent food diary highlighted that I dont drink enough water/fluids - to see americans gulp down 2x my daily fluid intake in coke alone!!! was shocking.

I highly recommend you see the film. I realllllly want my sister to see it, so it changes the way she feeds her kids.

Oh, and work is crap as usual.


  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:27 am
    Sounds like a film I need to see. Without wanting to sound smug, I try to avoid burger joints like McD's and BK wherever possible (and in fact I can't remember when I last had one - possibly a BK on the way back from Glastonbury 2003). I am often appalled when I see the fat kids in town tucking into a McDonald's burger at 3pm on a saturday afternoon, when you know they have had a decent lunch and will have a decent tea. It's part of their lifestyle, and it's why we are all becoming fat bastards.

    On the work front, I dragged myself out of here at 19:45 last night and forced myself to go to the gym (I like running outside, but now it's dark when I leave work, which is depressing). This meant I got home about 9 and had tea about 10. Then, basically, I went to bed. Had an 08:15 meeting this morning too. There has to be more than life.

    I wish I worked in an office with a swimming pool!
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 9:48 pm
    You wouldn't want to work at my company, but the pool's a bonus.

    Super Size Me was interesting. It's only pseudo-science because nobody's going to eat 90 McDonalds meals in a month (he acknowledges this), but that didn't lessen the other points made.

    Nonetheless, McDonalds hit back with their own website - http://www.supersizeme-thedebate.co.uk. And if you think they might be onto something, then read this straight afterwards: http://www.drownedinsound.com/articles/10354

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