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Australian Dominance...

..is under serious threat. Those spanky New Zealanders have put up a huge fight and set up an almost unassailable total of 198 for 9. This surely is the start of the Australian undoing. Its going to be a very difficult task for them to get this total, their mediocre and untested batsmen will have to stand firm against a full on Maori attack. Can the Aboriginees fight back and show the world just what they are made of? The afternoon's trial of resolve begins in under an hour, be sure to check back for the update.

Update: Those jammy Aboriginees hit 199 off 37.2 overs, with Symonds hitting a whopping 71 off 47 balls, and Martyn with 60 off 71. Jammy.


  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:24 am
    My advice? Keep your aussie baiting powder dry for next season (and if you are planning on getting tickets for Trent Bridge, you better pull your finger out folks - some stands are already selling out! That's for the 4th Test in August... tickets don't go on telephone/internet sale until monday either.

    Lords will be its usual shambles though. You'll probably find out you got a ticket the day before the game starts.

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