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Anything 4 mon£y

I continue to wonder if there is any scope in getting a life friendlier job. It amazes me just how people here take immense pleasure and pride in having to stay late and work weekends. Despite the lack of overtime, which used to make for late stays just to get more money!
I never understood that, nor do i get why its cool to stay late. Ideally i'd like to leave at 530 the latest and have am evening to myself away from work with friends or family.
Anyway, i guess its all about prestige and money for egos.
I saw the second half of roomys debut last night. He scored a weak free kick but credit to him for a hat trick. Doubt if it means man u will win anything but its nice to see.
I want to see super size me today. Here's hoping.


  1. Blogger changeofhart says @ 10:52 am
    weak free kick? are you mental.
    now, remembering I'm no man ure fan, I thought he looked awesome - strong, skillful, and like he'd never been injured. And as for the free kick - it may have gone through the wall at head height, but Beckham would have been pleased with it, and what a way to get the hatrick...
    Did you see him at the end of the game, going up the ref asking for the matchball - the ref just laughed at him and looked at him like he was mental. rooney just walked away grinning, probably thinking "gonna nick it anyway". brilliant candid tv.
  2. Blogger SwissToni says @ 12:19 pm
    weak free kick my arse. Rustu was too far over to the right, but I'm not sure it would have made any difference. It was one of those free kicks that look destined to go in the moment it is awarded.

    Say what you like about that boy, but he certainly has cojones on the football pitch - he wasn't about to let anybody else take that free kick away from him. I'm not a Man Utd fan either, but he is one hell of an exciting player. Ally McCoist is a rubbish pundit generally, but he got it right when he said that Smith and Saha must have sat on the bench with their heads in their hands all night. They'll never play again!

    Mind you, Van N. finished his goal pretty calmly last night... really took his time. 114 goals in 150 games. Not bad. Almost up there with Steve Bull's 306 in 561... (ahem)
  3. Blogger Damo says @ 12:56 pm
    WEAK FREE KICK? Surely not. Anyhow, people are getting too excited - Man U's defence is still extremely deficient.

    The long hours issue is an interesting one - but then, when you used to like what you did, you worked mad hours! I'd certainly put a bit more into what I did if I had much enthusiasm for it, but that would be effort more than time. I can't ever see anything that's worth tipping the work/life balance, unless you run your own company and sometimes have no choice...

    Normally I leave at 5, but today it'll be 4. Whoop!

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