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I was wondering about the origin of the English days (moon day, thors day etc.) and found this site - Dictionary of the Norse Gods.

I love some of the names and items. For instance, I am sure this ritual is still being bestowed by the Great Odin himself onto unsuspecting drunkards in many an inner city:
- Beserker Rage: At certain times, Odin was said to give to his warriors the gift of beserker rage, which enabled the warrior, although weaponless and naked, to perform great feats of strength and valor.

Being somewhat cheeky in nature, I am sharing this with you all - Some Hindoo Gods. I particularly adore (and am sniggering) at the very apt and opportune advertisement suggesting "Indian Gods and Goddesses - coming soon, Subscribe for updates". Does this mean we are going to have more? Coolio. Bugsy I get to form the sect for "Van Basten the Lord of Football", I shall decree that worship is only carried out in the black and red of the Milan strip, and that l'orange saffron robes be used once every 4 years to symbolise the never-seen-genius-at-world-cup-level.

Oh well, fun and games aside, its time to crack on with work. Tis 2sDay after all!


  1. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 9:21 am
    Hymn 1 - oh great van basten lord, bestow upon us the ability to perform amazing overhead kicks in the face of adversity (defenders) such that our inner force (skill) guides the ball to its ultimate and nirvanic destiny (goal - cool eh ;-). Amen.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 9:51 am
    And let's not forget Marilyn Manson, the God of... (try a Google search with the words 'Marilyn', 'Manson' and 'God' if you don't know)

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