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Internet Meer Kat Technique

Allo All,

very quick peek online from me, whilst I rush around between setting up a New House (its empty and keeps my nerves on end as I worry about its safety) and Getting Married (the Indian Ceremony that is).

I'm actually now Wed to the lovely Icy, via a Ceremony on Friday 10th June 3pm :) CaptainDamo has some pics on his site, that shows a rather dull looking Num Num with a stunning Icy. That was a great day, and we've had nothing but praise for our organisation of the Evening's Reception. Full credit to my lovely Sisters for getting it all together and keeping it ticking over smoothly on the night. Its all a blur to me tbh.

Tonight is the Gharba, and then tomorrow a Vidhi (pre-marriage ceremony) and then Sunday is the full on Wedding. Right now I'm sneaking in an email check to ensure nothing important comes through from the hall organisers or the insurance companies.

Its all very very busy for me, and I've yet to pack my suitcase with the Honeymoon Clothes. I have yet to find my Passport. I've yet to get my clothes ready for Sat/Sun. Gulp.

Its an understatement to say that I am well and truely knackered. Totally exhausted.

Still, everyone else is having a whale of a time, and its lovely to see so many happy people. Will show some pics once its all done, but until then, hope you all have a lovely time.


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 10:15 pm
    You make such a beautiful couple! I'm so happy for you both. Never mind us, you have a lovely time! I'm looking forward to more photos.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 11:58 am
    Ah man... fair readers of this blog, wait until you see how great he looked on the 'full-on' wedding day! I shall get a picture up soon.

    Hope you have a brilliant rest, and don't actually see this until you return... no sneaking into web cafes in Malaga!
  3. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 12:15 pm
    that is a *lot* of multi coloured ticker-tape type stuff.

    it looks lovely, hope you had a great day.
  4. Blogger Damo says @ 4:19 pm
    I was so lucky with that picture - just meant to take a picture of the first dance, and they fired the confetti cannon just as I did it...
  5. Blogger the urban fox says @ 8:50 pm
    Congratulations! What a great set of sparkly photos. Hope the weekend went well too. Health, wealth and happiness to you both!
  6. Blogger changeofhart says @ 11:20 am
    top work numnum.
    you both looked outstanding.
    you must have left the changeofhart voodoo doll at home, as this Indiana Jones felt no pain during the day ;)

    couple of pics on my blog too - including that lovely one of you in your plush motor... gutted it wasnt a datsun. :)
  7. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:00 am
    are you and yours alright mate?

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